Can't change ownership back to root

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Tue Oct 10 13:37:45 PDT 2006

>Thanks, that was the ticket

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> I have got to chapter 5.32 on the LFS and trying to change ownership back
> to
> root but when I exec command "chown -R root:root $LFS/tools" I just get
> "operation not permitted" on all of the files and dir.
> I think this my have to do with a reboot that had to be done during the
> build process but every thing that I did after the reboot worked fine.
> I am using the LiveCD for the host and the drive that is mounted has
> nothing
> but the LFS partition.
> Can any one help?
> Thanks
> Rick

>Do it as root, not as the lfs user.

 Hi, I'm using the LiveCd myself. there's no need to set up the user LFS with the live CD as you can't mess up the host OS as it's not writeable(as I understand it!). Check the following hint:


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