Hints that will be deleted

Brandon Peirce brandon_peirce at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 9 08:28:23 PDT 2006

Rainer Peter Feller wrote:

>On Sun, 2006-10-08 at 12:38 -0500, Tushar Teredesai wrote:
> >
> > Please refer to Alexander's e-mail at
> > 
> > If there are no objections to his analysis, I will move the hints that
> > he has mentioned to the OLD/ directory.

>Don't delete hints!
>just because the newest versiones of {fill in} make them obsolete ...
>It still is information, it still might be usefull (if you want to ...
>extend an old system may be)
>It might still be educational.
>One might have some old hardware ...

The proposal, as I understand it, is not to delete these 'obsolete' hints 
just to move them into the OLD/ subdirectory.

It's a balance between keeping the info available for situations like
you describe (old systems essentially) vs. the confusion caused by
people with current systems following hints that purport to be valid
when in fact they are known to be obsolete or broken.

I support moving them to OLD where they remain available for those
who need them.

Whether they are finally moved to OLD or not, I still think that
Alexander's "2-line" analysis for each hint as to why it
is now 'obsolete' should be inserted at the top of each respective


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