error compiling Glibc-2.3.6

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>Subject: Re: error compiling Glibc-2.3.6
>Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2006 21:52:05 +0100
>  In that case, I think you will have to give use some more details
>before anybody can pinpoint what is wrong.  The missing '"'
>characters are weird.  If it was just a problem in a downloaded
>file, I would ask if you had passed it through a windows system or
>otherwise done something strange, but I think we've established that
>this file gets generated during the build.
>  Bauke mentioned LFS patches, but I think that would be a red
>herring ("a false path", if you don't grok the expression) because
>2.3.6 in LFS is somewhat old and fairly well tested.
>  What locale ($LC_ALL) does your lfs user have ?
>  We assume you are building from a linux system, probably one that
>is a little older than the LFS you are attempting to build.  Your
>report showed 2.6.12, I think - what is your host distro ?
>  Have you knowingly done anything different from what is in the lfs
>book, or downloaded the patches onto a windows system (which might
>change the unix '\n' to '\l\n ' ?
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I've tried to download it a few times. I don't have a windows system.

echo $LC_ALL

I didn't use patches.

my host distro is ubuntu edgy and the kernel is 2.6.17-5-686

I did exactly what was written in the book.

I don't know if it matters, but i install it next to ubuntu, and not on a 
fresh partition.

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