Error during the "Adjusting Toolchain" - section 5.7 of the book

Brandon Peirce brandon_peirce at
Sat Oct 7 13:58:00 PDT 2006

Vladimir Marcu wrote:

>a quick question about an error I got when I issued a command from section 
>5.7 of the book:
>mv -v /tools/bin/{ld-new,ld} - when I issued this command I got an error 
>message saying that ld-new does not exist. I don't remember creating any 
>"ld-new" filwe along the way.

See 5.3. Binutils-2.16.1 - Pass 1  (the last 3 commands _after_ "make 
Installing the new ld at the correct stage of the book is a critical part of 
process, so don't go further until you get that sorted out.

>ANother question is regarding bootstrappig GCC in Pass 1 (section 5.4 of 
>the book).
>My swap file size started to increase a lot - up to twice my RAM amount. I 
>installing LFS from the LFS Live CD on a Toshiba laptop with 64 MB of RAM 
>and a
>Pentium 2 266 MHz proc). AFter about half-an hour of grinding the HDD, it 
>saying that it ran out of memory. I ran make bootastrap again and it 
>(apparently) OK. Should I worry about this affecting the future steps?

"make bootstrap" is a pretty heavy process.  It's quite normal that it 
should use a
few hundred MB of swap and take several hours to complete, on that hardware.

As long as the "make bootstrap" completed successfully the second time and 
"make install" went smoothly you should be OK. The 1st pass of GCC is only 
until the end of section 5.11 when you install a 2nd pass of GCC, so if you 
beyond that point without further problems then the 1st pass becomes 


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