Error during the "Adjusting Toolchain" - section 5.7 of the book

Vladimir Marcu vmarcu at
Sat Oct 7 08:04:54 PDT 2006


a quick question about an error I got when I issued a command from section 5.7 of the book:

mv -v /tools/bin/{ld,ld-old} - this one was ok
mv -v /tools/$(gcc -dumpmachine)/bin/{ld,ld-old} - this one was ok too

mv -v /tools/bin/{ld-new,ld} - when I issued this command I got an error message saying that ld-new does not exist. I don't remember creating any "ld-new" filwe along the way.

ln -sv /tools/bin/ld /tools/$(gcc -dumpmachine)/bin/ld - this one is OK

ANother question is regarding bootstrappig GCC in Pass 1 (section 5.4 of the book). My swap file size started to increase a lot - up to twice my RAM amount. I am installing LFS from the LFS Live CD on a Toshiba laptop with 64 MB of RAM and a Pentium 2 266 MHz proc). AFter about half-an hour of grinding the HDD, it crashed saying that it ran out of memory. I ran make bootastrap again and it finished (apparently) OK. Should I worry about this affecting the future steps?


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