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Ken Moffat ken at
Thu Oct 5 17:40:22 PDT 2006

On Thu, Oct 05, 2006 at 04:07:40PM -0700, Richard Caldwell wrote:
> Hi,
>     I'm having the following problem with my keyboard and I can find a solution in the archives.
> Installing LFS from LIveCD 6.0
> In chapter 5 "adjusting the toolchain" I can't find the ` character on my keyboard.(I'm on a 
> different machine typing this). There's a few other mixed up characters such as @ appears 
> over 2 but that's not a problem. problem is that the character immediately before dirname on
> the first line of the command below can't be found. I think it's called an acute accent and it's
>  not over the key above my tab key as I'd expect it. 
 It's a _grave_ accent, more commonly referred to as a back-tick in
this context.  My first thought was that you have somehow got a US
keyboard layout to match your mail's timezone, but ` is one of the
characters in the same position as in the UK (@ and " swap, #
replaces the pound sterling, \ and | are on our # ~ key).

 I'm not familiar with the Live CD, but did you get the opportunity
to select a locale or keyboard ?  If you didn't, which character
appears when you use the key above 'tab' ?  In American layouts that
key produces ` and shifts to ~, I think.

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