keyboard problem

Richard Caldwell rcaldwellie at
Thu Oct 5 18:55:27 PDT 2006

> In chapter 5 "adjusting the toolchain" I can't find the ` character on my keyboard.(I'm on a
> different machine typing this). There's a few other mixed up characters such as @ appears
> over 2 but that's not a problem. problem is that the character immediately before dirname on
> the first line of the command below can't be found. I think it's called an acute accent and it's
>  not over the key above my tab key as I'd expect it.

>That's really strange. I'd like to see this keyboard. Anyway, the fix
>is simple. In bash, $(cmd) and `cmd` both do command substitution. See
>`man bash' for more details. Just substitute the $( and ) for ` and `.
I'll try that.


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