error during the installation of binutils

Vladimir Marcu vmarcu at
Wed Oct 4 07:01:15 PDT 2006


I seem to get stuck at the section 5.3.1 of the book, during the "make
install" of binutils. I am trying to build the LFS system using the LFS Live
CD as a host. This is the output from "make install":

lfs:/mnt/lfs/sources/binutils-build$ make install

/bin/sh ../binutils-2.1.16/mkinstalldirs /tools /tools

mkdir -p -- /tools /tools

mkdir: cannot create directory '/tools': Permission denied

mkdir: cannot create directory '/tools': Permission denied

make: *** [installdirs] Error 1

The way I got around this was to change the configuration command switch
--prefix=/tools (as it is specified in the book) to --prefix=$LFS/tools. 

I went through the initial steps again with extra attention when I created
the lfs user and gave its permissions and I didn't miss anything. Changing
the prefix to $LFS/tools instead of /tools worked in the case of gcc as
well, but I wouldn't want to move any further yet.



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