Re[2] - How to build LFS without using sources?

Alberto Hernando pajaro.go at
Wed Oct 4 02:47:31 PDT 2006

El Miércoles, 4 de Octubre de 2006 11:31, Denis Silin escribió:
> For example, why should I build GCC, using the GCC, that I just have? Can I
> just copy it to my LFS partition? What is the difference between the GCC in
> host Linux and the GCC, that I will build from sources?

Your existing gcc is linked against your libc, etc. So, if you are going to 
copy gcc,  it would be better to copu libc too, for a proper binary 
compatibility. The same goes for all other basic tools and libs, I guess. 
Binutils, asm,...  Again, I think you could do it, and it would surely work. 
But the point of building a LFS is doing it with your hands and see how 
things work. In the end, you feel that all pieces are well assembled.
This is pretty much like saying "if I can use Fedora, why should I install 
Debian?". The answer is pretty simple: go and install Fedora. Just bear in 
mind that it isn't Debian. Do you see what I'm trying to say? 


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