Arden yardcat at
Sun Oct 1 16:30:23 PDT 2006

Alan Lord wrote:
> Arden wrote:
>> I don't know if I have all the knowledge necessary to complete ....
> Patches are (almost always) applied *before* you do the configure, 
> make, make install stages. I would say that the make install stage in 
> when you install the package so I think your terminology might have 
> been a bit off.
That is what I thought. I should have  dug deeper into the book .

> Take your time and read carefully each instruction and try to 
> understand what it is doing.
> Some packages do not have the patch applied every time you build the 
> package, even though you may do this twice during the book...
> Have fun and DON'T rush it!
> Alan

I imagine a lot of beginners get ahead of themselves before completely 
digesting the process
Thabnks for your reply. Arden

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