Alan Lord lord_alan at
Sun Oct 1 14:45:19 PDT 2006

Arden wrote:
> I don't know if I have all the knowledge necessary to complete LFS but I 
> want to give it a go. My question is ; Should the patches be applied 
> immediately after installing a package?  The book isn't quite clear. 
> Thanks.  Arden

Hi Arden,

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "after installing a package".

It is explicitly mentioned in the instructions for each package when a 
patch should be applied. You will see a line like:

patch -Np1 -i ../patch-name

Patches are (almost always) applied *before* you do the configure, make, 
make install stages. I would say that the make install stage in when you 
install the package so I think your terminology might have been a bit off.

Take your time and read carefully each instruction and try to understand 
what it is doing.

Some packages do not have the patch applied every time you build the 
package, even though you may do this twice during the book...

Have fun and DON'T rush it!


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