Bauke Jan Douma bjdouma at
Wed Nov 29 23:58:15 PST 2006

>  There is no /etc/shells. Did I miss that in the installation somewhere?
> No I did not install PAM.
> When I add a user, the auth.log reads:
>      new user: test5, UID1002, GID1002, home=/home/test5, shell=/bin/bash
>  I used passwd to add a password
> The log reads password for test5 changed by root.
> Attempted login says:
> No mail
> Cannot execute /bin/bash. Permission denied
> I can use deluser, which removes all but the home directory.
> The permissions on /bin and /bin/bash are 755 with root being the owner.
> Geoff
> When I--
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I don't know, but bash might be linked to libreadline and/or
libhistory. How about permissions on those libs?


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