file too short

Colin Dean cdean at
Tue Nov 28 18:19:53 PST 2006

Well, I thought I had everything up and working (it booted, woot).

However, I noticed that the first program to actually use 
libncurses--the kernel's menuconfig--was greatly distorted.

Then, while trying to do something else (I can't remember now), I got 
this error:

/lib/ file too short

I looked at that file and it was a symlink to /lib/, 
which contained "INPUT(-libncursesw)".

I tried rebuilding ncurses from the /sources directory (didn't delete 
it!). It finishes building, but dies when it gets to **Building terminfo 
database, please wait*** and tic dies with that same error above.


Should I go into /lib and /usr/lib and delete everything related to 
libncurses, then try the install again? Or should I boot back up from 
the LFS CD (my host environment) and rebuild it from within there?

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