Strange errors in perl makefiles at chaper 6.22

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at
Mon Nov 27 05:36:25 PST 2006

On Sun, Nov 26, 2006 at 10:27:06PM -0500, Colin Dean wrote:
> I've encountered (and corrected!) two strange errors in the perl build 
> at chapter 6.22.
> After using the configure command in the book, a makefile was generated 
> with an extraneous '0' at:
> line 954 in /perl-5.8.8/makefile
> line 159 in /perl-5.8.8/x2p/makefile
> I simply backed out of the chroot, found the line, and removed the 
> character.
> I'm using the LFS LiveCD from within a VMware environment.
> Has anyone else encountered this ever?
 Not recently.  I think I saw something like this, probably a year
or even 2 years ago.  At one time I'm sure I had a sed in my
buildscripts to tidy this up.  I think in my case the problem
was short-lived, so perhaps caused by user error somewhere, or
perhaps exposed by one package upgrade and fixed by another.

 The archives mention a similar problem with 5.8.7 in chapter 5:
 although a strangely similar post for LFS-6.0 and 5.8.5 is at
so people have seen this occasonally, but the reason is unknown.

 As a guess, problems with awk, bash, sed, or perhaps grep, could
upset the Configure script hiding behind configure.gnu.  That's
particularly true where we're using whatever versions are on the
host, but you got past that.  Of these, only bash has been
problematic in recent times.  Did you apply the fixes patch to
bash in chapter 5 ?

 I guess you are ok to continue with the edited makefiles.

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