ld built without --hash-style, Ch5, Fedora Core 6 -> glibc config failure

Vladimir A. Pavlov pv4 at bk.ru
Sun Nov 26 10:57:35 PST 2006

On Sunday 26 November 2006 19:16, Amadeus wrote:
> *link:
> %{!static:--eh-frame-hdr} -m %(link_emulation) --hash-style=gnu 
> %{shared:-shared}   %{!shared:     %{!ibcs:       %{!static:    
> %{rdynamic:-export-dynamic}    %{!dynamic-linker:-dynamic-linker 
> %(dynamic_linker)}}    %{static:-static}}}
> Is --hash-style meant to be there or is it an FC-specific option?

You see --hash-style above, right? I guess it should be absent there.

As I've written in the previous letter, you have two ways to do.
Namely, you can disable "--hash-style" at all or "convert" it to

It would be fine if you try the latter way first and tell us whether
that helped.

For the former way run the following:
gcc4 -dumpspecs |sed 's/--hash-style=gnu//g' > $(dirname `gcc --print-libgcc-file-name`)/specs

This will delete all the --hash-style=gnu sequencies from the compiler
specs and will write them to the specs file. By default the specs file
is absent and compiler uses built-in values.

The following command replaces --hash-style=gnu sequencies with the
single-dash equivalent (the latter way).

gcc4 -dumpspecs |sed 's/--hash-style=gnu/-hash-style=gnu/g' > $(dirname `gcc --print-libgcc-file-name`)/specs

For details about the specs file see, for example,

There you can also find a command like those I wrote here.

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