Bauke Jan Douma bjdouma at
Sun Nov 26 10:25:35 PST 2006

Aizi Gnagni wrote on 26-11-06 18:09:
> This error come up when testing with the command: make -k check 2>&1 |
> tee glibc-check-log grep Error glibc-check-log, Linux From Scratch -
> Version 6.2, chapter 6.9.1 Installation of Glibc, section: Test the
> results.
> In the event I do continue the building with the command "make install"
> after getting this failure reports as mentioned above then I receive the
> failure report in the "INSTALL-ERROR-STRIPPED" file as attached.

Did you just say you did 'make install' after getting 'make check'

That might be your problem right there.  You should /never/ ignore
these errors -- least of all with glibc.

>  *Could someone over there help me! Thousand thanks for any help and/or
> hints as how to get around with this failure

I don't have any clue as to the cause of these particular failures,
but if I were you I'd back up a few steps to the point where glibc
is built from scratch -- if that is at all possible; I haven't
built LFS myself, so the manual or LFS experts (in that order) might
be able to say to which point you might back up to and (how to) take
it from there.

> With best regards
> Aizi Gnagni


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