LiveCD and CLFS.

John Gay johngay at
Sat Nov 25 03:27:52 PST 2006

I finally decided to play around with the stable Live CD and see how much 
support there was for CLFS on an Opteron.

Imagine my surprise to find a clfs script in the jhalfs directory, and to 
find, after a bit of playing around with it, it mostly worked! The one 
sticking point was after fetching the branch-1.0.0 CLFS book, it could only 
find a random selection of the packages to D/L. Not much of a prob, I just 
fetched what I needed. Strangely, the linux-headers it was looking for was 
different from what the on-line book listed? A quick google found the 
relevant headers, though.

Then I hit the problem that I didn't have enough room in the partition I was 
playing with. But it seems to work. This will greatly simplify the rebuild of 
my box for pure-64!

Shame that the blfs script isn't working yet (-;

So, now to the point of this mail.

I just wanted to say . . .

The LiveCD people who added a 64-bit kernel image to allow a chroot build 
rather than the longer boot method.
The CLFS people who have put so much time into expanding LFS to cover builds 
for other archs.
The jhalfs people for the handy scripts that can fetch the book, extract to 
build details and generate a Makefile to build from.
And all the people who've followed these developments, added their comments 
and bug fixes and generally made the system work so well for those of us who 
are sadistic enough to try to build a Linux system from scratch.

I hate people who cross-post, but I wanted this thank you to reach most of the 
people I've mentioned above.

Thank you again for your work, dedication and persistence. I, for one 
appreciate it, and I'm sure there are others who just haven't gotten around 
to thanking you too.


	John Gay

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