Upgrading lfs

Bauke Jan Douma bjdouma at xs4all.nl
Wed Nov 22 10:57:53 PST 2006

Dave Abergel wrote on 22-11-06 11:55:
> Hi
>> This is just as simple almost as installing any application package.
>> Just follow the build instructions.
>> If you need a configure/build script to get you started, let me know.
> I'm about 99% sure that this is not true. I know that upgrades of glibc 
> can be done, but it's not always straightforward, and not recommended.

True, on LFS (the system, its users, the mailing list) I would say in all
likelihood it would (should) not be recommended, and would, at least at
first, not be straightforward.

It's just that I think people shouldn't be shied away from it either.

Read the docs, make a good build script (that calls configure and make --
not make install) or find one that can get you started.  Backup /lib et al.
and have a boot floppy (CDROM these days) handy, just in case things go

I've built glibc this way quite a few times since stepping into linux in
1992. I recall only one time things went wrong -- don't recall what it was,
but it must have been some stupid mistake by me. Yes, you live on the edge.
Still, in my experimental days, I've never been troubled too much by taking
a HDD, hanging it off another box temporarily, make corrections, cleanups,
partial restores, what have you, bringing it back in, and taking it from
there -- a little more the wiser.

Vis à vis glibc -- I always run make check and inspect the output.  Did I
say glibc-2.5 has some strange FAIL's for me that (in addition to lack of
time) have kept me from saying 'make install'?

What a new Linux user at least could do is get the tarball, read the docs,
and try to run make, see how that goes.  And make check.  Will get her some

> Dave


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