Chapter 8:Host system Booting Problem

rrahul at rrahul at
Thu Nov 23 00:56:55 PST 2006

We have completed upto chapter8

and have booted the LFS system,
But we cannot boot  the Base system,

The base system we had  used was RedhatEnterpriseLinux4

Our Menu.lst file reads

#LFS Entry
title LFS6.2
kernel /boot/lfskernel- root=/dev/hda4

#Host system
title RHEL4
kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.9-5 ro root=LABEL =/ rhgb quiet
initrd /boot/initrd-2.6.9-5.EL.img

But In the GRUB menu when we select
the base system

We get
Error 15: Which is FileNot Found...

We have even tried the syntax given in the book,
But that doesnotseem towork and my host system is now not available foruse...

please help..

Rahul Rege..

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