LFS 6.2: made mistake when going from lfs to root setup

Vladimir A. Pavlov pv4 at bk.ru
Mon Nov 13 11:39:37 PST 2006

On Monday 13 November 2006 00:59, Ron Greene wrote:
> So then I repeated the commands in 6.2:
> mkdir -pv $LFS/{dev,proc,sys}
> mknod <rest of command>
> mknod <rest of command>
> BUT NOW the problem
> mount --bind /dev $LFS/dev
> gives error: can't create lock file /etc/mtab-23612: No such file or
> directory....etc.

At the first try you had LFS="" and actually run
"mount --bind /dev /dev". Did you unmount /dev after that?

What do say the following commands?
$ mount
$ cat /proc/mounts

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