BOOK 5: Deleting Source and Build directories confusion

Ron Greene rgtech1 at
Sat Nov 11 06:12:06 PST 2006

Dan Nicholson wrote:
> On 11/10/06, Ron Greene <rgtech1 at> wrote:
>> Then apparently I did understand the source and build.  However what I
>> seem to be missing is how to "create a seperate /gcc-build directory" as
>> instructed to do in Book 5.11.GCC-4.0.3 - Pass 2 when the GCC directory
>> has been deleted. I can not mkdir ../gcc-build as far as I can see
>> without the source (in this case gcc-4.0.3 directory) being in place.
>> Correct?
> Yeah. It's a little unclear, but stated at the beginning of the book.
> It's implied that you've gone to the directory where the tarballs are,
> unpacked the tarball and entered the directory before any commands
> begin. So, you should be in the gcc-4.0.3 directory when everything
> starts.
> -- 
> Dan
You have provided the clarity I needed to plug this big hole in my head
:)  So it turns out I was indeed doing the right things but missing the
logic.  In fact if I had done a closer read of the title of 5.11.2 which
is Re-Installation of GCC I would'nt have had all this frustration!  I'd
like to think that won't happen again but ......

Thanks for your help.


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