BOOK 5: Deleting Source and Build directories confusion

Ron Greene rgtech1 at
Fri Nov 10 16:26:20 PST 2006

I realized when I got to 5.11 GCC pass 2 and have to "create a seperate
build directory" that I had forgotten that I was supposed to "After
installing each package, delete its source and build directories.....".

What specifically is the source directory?

For example:
I went to $LFS/sources and did rm -r gcc-build and I think that's correct?

But then I rm -r gcc-4.0.3.  Now i can not mkdir binutils-build for the
Pass 2 so I assume I am misunderstanding what the source directory is?

This is no doubt something I should already know but in spite of being
relatively new to linux I'm working hard at it.


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