veritosproject at veritosproject at
Fri Nov 10 13:46:57 PST 2006

> I have recompiled the kernel several time and have enabled as USB support
> SCSI and USB Human interface devices. I have read thru the config file.
> file and enabled anything about anykeyboard. No luck.
> System boots fine to the login prompt but I get no reaction from my keyboard.
> Any other thoughts?

Different computers have different USB hub controller options, like
UHCD and EHCD.  On your first big compile, install all of these in
(Device Drivers / USB Support / USB Host Controller Drivers).  Once
that's done, you can pull some off and see what works.

Have fun :)

BTW, this is one time when FreeBSD is nicer--it told me straight up
when it was booting what kind I had.  And it let me scroll back to see

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