GRUB problem

Josh huffdad at
Mon Feb 27 20:06:10 PST 2006

> simply follow the chapter 8 instructions on making grub install
> itself
> back into the MBR I type in root(hd0,0) and it replys:
> Error 21:  Selected disk does not exist
> So I just type in root to find out what does exist and it replys:
> (fd0):  Filesystem type unknown, partition type 0x0

if i'm wrong, someone more knowledgeable than me please correct me.  it
sounds like you still need to load your devices, what was the command?
udevstart, i think.  also, as long as you point grub to the correct
places, you should be able to install grub regardless of whether you've
ran chroot.  but for the "disk does not exist" issue, that sounds like
you just forgot to populate /dev.

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