grub setup Error 22

Alan Lord lord_alan at
Thu Feb 23 08:25:05 PST 2006

  > as grub won't be able to install to a boot sector of a "virtual" disk
> it needs a physical device. Grub won't have loaded any drivers to make 
> the raid array visable at boot time
> you need a single disk really.
> Matt

I installed grub on an old IBM Rackmount server with dual processors and 
a scsi raid setup over three disks. The raid was handled IN HARDWARE by 
the raid controller (You set this up through the controllers' BIOS).

As far as FDISK was concerned it was just a big disk... I partitoned it 
how I wanted, built LFS, and Grub installed fine and booted the system 


LFS#: 216

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