Want to make installation cd of LFS

Michael Chrostowski soks86 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 14:41:50 PST 2006

>But the problem lies in creating the bootable installation CD which
> contains the working LFS. So if any one can guide me further..


I hope I'm not missing the point, but LFS LiveCD might be a good place
to start, in fact you could probably get away with just editing that
image... then again you probably want something more in depth... but
just in case for some crazy reason you don't know about it be sure to
check out the LiveCD. All you'd really have to do is start a custom X
based or maybe even console installer on startup instead of getty.
Then again I'm not that knowledgeable so I'm sure someone else will
have a MUCH better suggestion.

- Michael Chrostowski

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