When booting LFS-file system error.

Chris Staub chris at beaker67.com
Mon Feb 20 11:34:54 PST 2006

On Monday 20 February 2006 14:25, kshama shepal wrote:
> Hi,
>      This is a 2nd letter of mine on this list. The
> solutions I got for my previous problem were really
> helpful. Rerunning Udevstart did solve the problem.
> Thanks for the help.
> Now, I m stuck in another error.
> When booting of my LFS 6.0 starts, it shows following
> error-
> Mounting root file system in read only mode     ..[OK]
> Fsck.ext2 : File system has unsupported features
> (/dev/hda3)
> E2fsck : get a newer version of e2fsck !
>       File system errors were encountered that
> couldn’t be fixed automatically.This system cannot
> continue to boot and will therefore be halted until
> those errors fixed manually by system administrator.
>    ..[FAILED]
>       When you press enter this system will be halted.
>       Press Enter to continue 

>  hda3 is my LFS partition.
>  I don’t understand why it mounts root fs in read-only
>    mode.
>  I have created menu.lst such that I can boot my host

Sounds like you created the LFS partition with a host e2fsprogs that uses 
custom features. Check in section 2.3 of the book for more information about 
this. Try booting with the host system and running "debugfs -R 
feature /dev/[lfspartition]" to check. If it does report custom features, 
then all you can do is restart the build from the beginning, recreating the 
partition with the stock e2fsprogs.

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