HLFS with hints: not loading kernel

Warren_Head _ wipwap19 at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 19 06:18:36 PST 2006

>Hi there,
>I succesfully created an LFS system once and thought I'd create an HLFS 
>system next, while incorporating a few LFS hints. Unfortunately, I cannot 
>boot the system at the start of chapter 8.
>I would be grateful for a few pointers.
>The hints I have incorporated are:
>(package user style installation)
>- http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/hints/downloads/files/eswap.txt
>(encrypting swap file)
>I'll explain the "I can not boot" error a bit more. I installed grub as 
>usual and am using udev etcetera.
>I deviated from the HLFS book at the end of chapter 7 though. I haven't 
>installed grub into the MBR record of the single IDE harddrive, since from 
>within the Grub console I was unable to find the harddrive with "root 
>Error 21: Selected disk does not exist
>This is likely due to the fact that I have only two device files in /dev at 
>the end of HLFS chapter 7; console and null. (Grub is immediately looking 
>for /dev/hda2 right?)
>So I went and used the Grub installation from the Knoppix 4.0 system that I 
>was using to build HLFS and added the HLFS partition and kernel info to its 
>/boot/grub/menu.lst and left it at that. I rebooted and selected the HLFS 
>option from the grub menu. In the blink of a second I can see (probably) 
>the three grub lines flashing by, after which the screen goes black and I 
>have to do a hard reboot, because nothing is happening.
>When I manually go through the grub options one by one, the line root 
>(hd0,1) is accepted and returned is the fact that an ext filesystem is 
>found there, which my HLFS is. But the kernel will not load.
>Aside from incorporating the mentioned hints I haven't consciously deviated 
>from the HLFS book.
>Any help is greatly appreciated.

I guess I am still fairly Linux green. I managed to get some output from the 
kernel that was actually being loaded. It halted with an oops, of course. 
After repeatedly removing stuff from the kernel I managed to boot the 
system. Unfortunately, the thing which was causing the oops ( showed up in 
the error every time) was the frandom replacement of urandom.

Frandom is actually a plus and added into HLFS with some effort, so this 
being the cause of the error is not good. I guess it is fair to assume I 
deviated from the HLFS book somehow with one of the three random patches. Is 
there anything I can do to check whether the frandom patches in the system 
have been applied? Perhaps a simple testrandom.c?

The system I am building on, a Via SP13000 with a C5 Nehemiah core, already 
has a proper hardware random number generator. I wonder whether frandom and 
the hardware generator are capable of living next to another.

Thanks in advance,

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