Hotplug on legacy machine

Paul G Rogers at
Sat Feb 18 12:02:07 PST 2006

I'm new to LFS>4.1, so I admit my understanding & analysis of this is
perhaps a bit sketchy.  This is a "legacy" Socket-7 P-1 system.  It has
no USB devices, just an empty header block on the MoBo and no usable
"pig-tail" to the back panel.  The kernel has been configured with USB
off.  When I boot a new LFS6.1.1 install I get 7-8 segfaults from
hotplug/usb.rc and one from hotplug.functions.

It looks like init.d/hotplug looks for /etc/usb.rc and then runs it with
"maybe-start" which tries to modprobe usbcore assuming it's there.  Is
that right?  But shouldn't it check for USB presence/support first?  Did
somebody forget "legacy" systems don't necessarily have/need USB? 
/proc/bus/usb doesn't exist here--well, the BIOS has some support and the
ports exist, I suppose.

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