missing .so after binutils pass1

genie lfs lfs.use at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 02:06:19 PST 2006

just get these file needed from the host system..

the reason may be improper package , they might have missed this file..]
dont proceed untill you have placed this files in your /tools/lib

try this after you have pasted your files in the tools/lib
$ ldd /tools/bin/(any tool that comes in binutils pack)
you should be pointed at the files needed for the util to work and
whether they are found or not..

try it and report whether it has worked..

bye and take care

On 2/18/06, Ungvari Gabor <pinin at freemail.hu> wrote:
> Hi all,
>  I have started building LFS from scratch again.
> I have the problem that after installing compiled binutils
> (LFS book chapter 5.3.1) followings are missing: libbfd.so
> and libopcodes.so from /tools/lib/.
> I have libbfd.la and libopcodes.la instead.
> What is the reason for this? Can I continue building LFS
> without these .so files?
> I haven't noticed any error during compilation of binutils.
> Btw: how can I "save" whole log output of compilation?
> br,
> Gabor
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