Booting Problem

David J. Hong davidjhong at
Wed Feb 15 19:54:02 PST 2006

Thanks for all who replied. The system works now after my struggling
for a couple of days. Instead of modifying from existing .config file,
I started from scratch and do 'make menuconfig'. Then I went through
the menu, line by line, and save the .config. After compiling, it
appears that i am able to bring up the kernel to login prompt.

One thing needs to be fixed in the LFS version doc:

Section 6.11, page 89

after you executes the command

make -C ../glibc-2.3.4/linuxthreads/man install

Following display shows:

Remember to run /usr/sbin/makewhatis /usr/man at some point.

I remembered I run the command at the end of  this chapter (Chapter 6)
when /usr/sbin/makewhatis command is available.

Thanks all for the good work. It is a good feeling that newly built
kernel being able to work!!!

On 2/13/06, David J. Hong <davidjhong at> wrote:
> Thanks. I looked through .config and made sure that ext2 file system
> and SCSI is compiled into kernel and recompiled. Problem still
> remains. I rebooted it several time, it seems the very last three
> lines shown is
> ......IRQ 10......
> ......IRQ 11......
> ......IRQ 12......
> before the screen goes to blank. Any more thoughts?
> On 2/13/06, Dan Nicholson <dbn.lists at> wrote:
> > On 2/13/06, jiatian hong <jiatian_hong at> wrote:
> > >
> > > I did not created
> > > initrd.2.6.11-12.img because it is using Ext2.
> >
> > This is probably your problem.  Using an initrd has nothing to do with
> > using Ext2 vs. Ext3.  The important thing here is that unless you're
> > going to use an initrd or initramfs or something similar, then you
> > need to have support for your file system compiled into the kernel.
> > It can't be a module unless you're providing some bootstrapping image
> > like an initrd.
> >
> > If your host was one of the major distros, then most likely your
> > kernel is mostly modules.  You need to recompile a kernel with support
> > for the kind of device and file system that your root directory is on
> > into the kernel.  Until you get your feet wet with modules, it's best
> > to compile most everything you need into the kernel.  You can always
> > make the kernel more modular later.
> >
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