Error while making system bootable

Tor Olav Stava t-ol-sta at
Wed Feb 15 13:35:19 PST 2006

kshama shepal wrote:

>Hi everyone!
> I m using LFS 6.0
>- I have reached to chapter 8. My kernel installation
>is complete. Now I m trying to   make my lfs sys
>-For this when I run command ‘root (hd0,2)’ on grub
>prompt it shows error msg ‘specified device does not
>-Even when I use TAB for command completion, it does
>not list out my hard drive. (Shows only - fd0,cd)
>-When I try to mount any of the hard drive partition
>on chrooted environment it shows     ‘device does not
>exist’.Nor does it lists any of the partition as
>output of  ‘fdisk –l’ cmd.
Is the devices listen in /dev when your in chroot? If not you should 
probably run udevstart to create the necesary devices.

Also, did you do the fake mounts before entering chroot (beginning of ch6)?

One last thing, you don't have to run grub inside the chroot. It can be 
run from the host system as long as you set the correct root device. For 
example: root (hd0,2) and then setup (hd0), to setup MBR on hda and have 
grub boot from partition hda3.

Hope that helps, but I really suspect it's just the devices in /dev that 
hasn't been created.

Tor Olav

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