Error while making system bootable

kshama shepal kshama_shepal at
Wed Feb 15 11:42:24 PST 2006

Hi everyone!

 I m using LFS 6.0
- I have reached to chapter 8. My kernel installation
is complete. Now I m trying to   make my lfs sys

-For this when I run command ‘root (hd0,2)’ on grub
prompt it shows error msg ‘specified device does not

-Even when I use TAB for command completion, it does
not list out my hard drive. (Shows only - fd0,cd)

-When I try to mount any of the hard drive partition
on chrooted environment it shows     ‘device does not
exist’.Nor does it lists any of the partition as
output of  ‘fdisk –l’ cmd.

-at the same time, when I tried same commands on host
sys,they run well.
  Like- ‘ root (‘ <TAB>   detects hard drive.
        ‘fdisk –l’        shows all hard drive

What the problem could be.
Please help.

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