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This is the reply messge to the thread "Booting from
LFS version 6.1.1

Thanks for the reply. I have built and run Linux
2.6.15 on my IBM T42 laptop to build my LFS 6.1.1.
When I compiled the kernel, I reused .config file,
which I used to build the Linux 2.6.15, with a little
exception. For example, using file system Ext2 intead
of Ext3. So to answer your question, machine was able
to boot into Linux 2.6.15 by using the "same" .config
as I used for LFS. I did not run grub, as suggested in
the book, because I have already had it. I added the
section for LFS in my grub.conf. I did not created
initrd.2.6.11-12.img because it is using Ext2. When
machine rebooted, it mounts file system, detect USB,
and then show up a few more lines (it is too fast I
could not see what they are). Afterwards, a blank
screen shows up with a blinking cursor at the bottom
line of the screen. The cursor is about 10 characters
away from the left corner. I suspect that it is the
login screen. But I could not see anything. It stays
in this mode forever.  Any help is greatly

--- jiatian hong <jiatian_hong at> wrote:

> Hello there,
> I am pretty new to LFS. I was able to
> download/build/install LFS on my IBM T42 laptop by
> following all instructions given by the LFS book. At
> the end when I rebooted, everything seems going
> expected until it says mounting file system and
> detect
> USB, and then after, a blank screen come up with a
> blinking cursor and stays in this blank screen
> forever. But there were no any apparent error
> message
> shown. I don't know what to do. Anyone can throw
> some
> light? Greatly apreciated.
> I am in California so I was advised by the book that
> I
> do not need to set up console/kbd to run the console
> bootscript.
> Thanks
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