General questions about LFS

John Gay johngay at
Sat Feb 11 23:42:00 PST 2006

On Sunday 12 February 2006 11:34, Niki Kovacs wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm actually in the middle of the first LFS book, somwhere at the beginning
> of chapter 6. I appreciate the quality of the doc: everything is well
> explained, and I just have to follow the book.
Welcome to a great learning experience!
> Just out of curiousity...
> 1) LFS/BLFS... is it just a "learning distro"... or is there a way to use
> it as a full-blown everyday distro? E. g. write a few scripts to automate
> the install process, which would result in something similar to Gentoo
> Linux (minus the "can't emerge" and similar hassle:oD)? I don't mind if the
> install process takes two days (to compile everything on an old Pentium
> II), as long as the result is rock-solid. I *think* so, but I'd rather ask
> people who have gotten more into it.
Well, my regular Desktop is LFS/BLFS with a full KDE Desktop and many other 
tools. It's rock solid, quick and just what I want/need installed. However, I 
never added any install scripts, I just use what was available when I built 

> 2) What's the release cycle of stable LFS/BLFS (roughly)? I'm rather
> suspicious of bleeding edge (since I use GNU/Linux for everyday work), but
> I'd hate to wait for 3-4 years (like Debian stable).
Release cycle is random. Whenever it's stable, but much quicker than Debian. 
The CVS version of the books can be bleeding edge, but most people have few 
problems with it. The Stable version is rock solid, and ahead of Debian.

> My (rough) idea for the future: put together two different versions of LFS
> according to my needs. One for server (without X), one for full-blown
> desktop. That possible?

Many things are possible. LFS will give you a rock-solid base to build what 
ever you want on top of it. BLFS lists quite a few packages to cover most 
needs, be they Server or X based. Once you've been through the books a few 
times, you should learn enough to start installing things not listed in BLFS. 
But BLFS does include enough for most full-blown Desktops, including Gnome or 

Hope you have fun with LFS/BLFS


	John Gay

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