General questions about LFS

Niki Kovacs contact at
Sun Feb 12 03:34:22 PST 2006


I'm actually in the middle of the first LFS book, somwhere at the beginning of 
chapter 6. I appreciate the quality of the doc: everything is well explained, 
and I just have to follow the book.

Just out of curiousity...

1) LFS/BLFS... is it just a "learning distro"... or is there a way to use it 
as a full-blown everyday distro? E. g. write a few scripts to automate the 
install process, which would result in something similar to Gentoo Linux 
(minus the "can't emerge" and similar hassle:oD)? I don't mind if the install 
process takes two days (to compile everything on an old Pentium II), as long 
as the result is rock-solid. I *think* so, but I'd rather ask people who have 
gotten more into it.

2) What's the release cycle of stable LFS/BLFS (roughly)? I'm rather 
suspicious of bleeding edge (since I use GNU/Linux for everyday work), but 
I'd hate to wait for 3-4 years (like Debian stable).

My (rough) idea for the future: put together two different versions of LFS 
according to my needs. One for server (without X), one for full-blown 
desktop. That possible? 


Niki Kovacs

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