Followup to: Chapter 6 binutils 'make check' failures

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Subject: Chapter 6 binutils 'make check' failures


> I've had a pretty smooth run so far with SVN-20060207, but
> have run into - what I *think* is - a slight problem. I've just
> run the 'make check' tests after rebuilding binutils in Chapter
> 6 [the configure and make phases proceeded without a hitch].
> A partial dump of the failures:

I've had a quick look at the 'ld.log' file and the tests which have failed
consist entirely of 'visibility' tests. Some of these pass and some of these
fail - a quick example:

    tmpdir/vnp >tmpdir/vnp.out
    diff tmpdir/vnp.out /binutils-2.16.1/ld/testsuite/ld-elfvsb/elfvsb.dat
    < shlib_shlibcall2 () == 7
    > shlib_shlibcall2 () == 8
    child process exited abnormally
    FAIL: visibility (protected) (non PIC)

Anyway, I'm not after any detailed diagnosis, merely a little quick
reassurance [given that the failing tests involve 'ld', a key system
component] before proceeding any further and possibly creating a 'broken'

So, is it ok [that is, has anyone successfully done so] to ignore such
binutils 'make check' errors and simply proceed with binutils installation,
and keep building ? Or is it imperative that the binutils 'make check' be
error free ?

Again, any feedback welcome.


Anthony Borla

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