How to proceed to BLFS

Andrew Benton b3nt at
Sun Feb 5 04:55:51 PST 2006

boovarahan boovarahan wrote:
> Hi All !
> Now that I have a stable LFS system, I want to go on to BLFS. But the
> problem is I can not use my LFS system usefully because it does not
> have network/text based web browser be default. So it is difficult to
> read the BLFS book which is stored in my hdd.
> Please guide me.

What I did when I first did LFS was print pages out and then type them 
in when I rebooted to LFS. This worked OK till I got to things like tcl 
and docbook, then I started writing scripts to avoid typos.
Another alternative is to do it in chroot. Make sure you have /proc /sys 
and /dev mounted.


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