A way to keep track of packages while installing LFS

Jeremy Monnet jmonnet at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 03:23:08 PST 2006

On 2/3/06, Richard A Downing <richard at langside.org.uk> wrote:
> The only problem, and it's not a big issue, with 'git' and the like is
> that they get significantly slower as the number of installed packages
> increases.
Yes they are getting slower because basically they search every
directories for newer files, which means 'find' have to read every
single directories and look for files newer than a specific date, then
report these files. The more files/directories the more time.

Now I have a question (maybe a dumb one ?) Would it be possible to
look for the target install (when available) of the makefile before
running it ? (Maybe one already did it but I haven't heard of it) That
would guarantee a short exec time for the script each time we run it
(and we would run it often with a lfs ;-) ).

If this is a possibility, but no one did it, I would be pleased to try it ...

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