A way to keep track of packages while installing LFS

Paul G Rogers paul.rogers at juno.com
Thu Feb 2 08:41:40 PST 2006

>Well anyway, before I start into chapter 6, I would like to see how to
>keep track of what files different packages install.  Not exactly a
>Package Manager, just a system of keeping track of what I got.  Any
>suggestions?  I've looked into Package Users, but that system looks
>difficult to implement and I think I remember reading something on 
>this list about it not being very friendly to first time LFS builders.

Justin, now that you've looked at the hints...  In case you didn't find a
recommendation that appealed to you, and, like the rest of LFS, package
management is a strictly personal thing, I found a different package I
really like.  It's called git, the Guarded Installation Tool.  (This
isn't the one Linus is using.)  It's one simple script.  OK, I guess it's
something like 1,000 lines long, but still it's a bash script.  I found
one patch was necessary, wanted to change how one function worked, and
added another, but I COULD!  It took me a while to learn how to use it
more effectively, but one thing about it is: it just helps me.  It
doesn't try to force me into a straight-jacket and doesn't fight with me.
 I like helpers who aren't "uppity" about the job.  Snoop around, and if
you can't find it, I have it and could send it to you.

Paul Rogers  (paul.rogers at juno.com)
Rogers' Second Law: "Everything you do communicates."
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