A way to keep track of packages while installing LFS

Marius Schaefer Marius.Schaefer at ISBAC.COM
Thu Feb 2 04:12:37 PST 2006


> Hi Justin,
> > I am using the LiveCD, 
> - snip -
> > I would like to see how to
> > keep track of what files different packages
> > install. 
> I'm running LiveCD to build LFS and run "script" to record keystrokes
> and screen output and save the same on HD.  Because once reboot the
> logfile will disappear.
> B.R.
> SL

I'm running two scripts before and after installing each package. They 
create a list of all the files on my system using find (without 
lfs-sources directory, /proc, /dev, ...). Making a diff from both listings 
gets me a nice list of which files belong to which package. Feeding this 
list to tar or cp lets me easily create binary packets which can be used 
to create new systems with different packages installed.


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