mounting ptoc

Alan Lord lord_alan at
Thu Aug 31 03:48:24 PDT 2006

dave frost wrote:
> somehting strange has happened, it seems mount reports proc is mounted 
> about 15 times, theres also loads of entries in /etc/mtab but 
> /proc/mounts reports /proc mounted only a single time.
> Any thoughts on why proc is being mounted so many times ?
> (note ive modified the init scripts but the mount command for proc is 
> being issued only once )
> cheers
> Dave
With such limited information it is very difficult to help you at all.

I would revert back to using the normal (unmodified) init scripts first 
and see if the problem goes away...

If you want more help, please provide lots more detail, e.g. when, where 
and how the problem occurs. What version of LFS you are using, how you 
have modified the scripts, what is the actual error report/symptoms, 
etc, etc... You get the idea.

Try reading your email like someone who isn't you ;-)



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