package users: re-adjusting the toolchain

Brandon Peirce brandon_peirce at
Wed Aug 30 11:07:46 PDT 2006

Chris Staub wrote:
>The adjusted linker is installed into /tools, so you need to use root.

Why root?
Of course you can always achieve this with root, but that's kind of missing 
the point of package users technique, (and also violating principle of least 
I concede that the motivation for why you would use the package users 
technique in the first place is much less applicable to the installations in 
/tools than to the final installations in /usr.  However from reading the 
experiences of people who have used this technique, they all say that you 
should start with it from the beginninig because you make life really 
difficult for yourself if you try to switch half-way. I therefore assume 
that if Angel has got this far with package users, he has been using them 
also in Ch 5.  I'm also assuming that the numeric user IDs of the package 
users in the chroot match those on the host, otherwise it will be a real 

Hmmm.  A lot of assumptions.  I concur with your earlier statement about the 
level of experience need to use the package users technique compared with 
the type of questions asked.


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