package users: re-adjusting the toolchain

Angel Tsankov fn42551 at
Wed Aug 30 08:16:48 PDT 2006

>>>>As what user should I re-adjust the toolchain in Ch. 6 of LFS 6.1.1?
>>>"First, backup the /tools linker, and replace it with..."
>>>The linker (ld) is part of the binutils package, so the first block of
>>>commands (3 mv and 1 ln) should be done as your binutils
>>>package user.
> For LFS 6.1.1 the instructions says "Install the adjusted linker by running 
> the following command from within the binutils-build directory:"
> The "make -C ld ... install" command is different to the LFS 6.2
> commands but is still manipulating (in 6.1.1 overwriting)
> the linker (ld) from the binutils package so it must still be run
> as your binutils package user.
>>>"Next, amend the GCC specs file so that it points to the new dynamic 
>>>linker, ..."
>>>The Gcc specs file belongs to GCC, so you run the next block of commands
>>>(gcc -dumpspecs | perl....) as your gcc package user.
> In 6.1.1 you're still manipulating the same gcc specs file with
> an almost identical command, so it must still be run as your
> gcc package user.
>>>The rest of section 6.10 are just checks. They should ideally be run as a
>>>normal user without any privileges, i.e. not root and not a package user.
> In 6.1.1 it's section 6.12 which has less thourough checks, but the
> same applies.
>>I was talking about LFS version 6.1.1 rather than 6.2.
> Sorry you did mention that but I clicked my bookmark to the 'stable'
> version too quickly.  BTW, I know the commands are sometimes
> quite cryptic but if you figure out which file(s) they are manipulating
> then you just have to look which user owns the files from that package
> and that's the user to use.  The whole principle of the package users
> method is that only the user who owns the package has the permissions
> to manipulate the files from that package.  (Root has permissions too,
> of course, but that's what you are avoiding with package users.)
> In most cases, you will get a warning or error message related to
> permissions if you use the wrong user.

Thanks, Brandon!

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