package users: re-adjusting the toolchain

Brandon Peirce brandon_peirce at
Wed Aug 30 07:01:46 PDT 2006

Angel Tsankov wrote:
>As what user should I re-adjust the toolchain in Ch. 6 of LFS 6.1.1?

"First, backup the /tools linker, and replace it with..."
The linker (ld) is part of the binutils package, so the first block of
commands (3 mv and 1 ln) should be done as your binutils
package user.

"Next, amend the GCC specs file so that it points to the new dynamic linker, 
The Gcc specs file belongs to GCC, so you run the next block of commands
(gcc -dumpspecs | perl....) as your gcc package user.

The rest of section 6.10 are just checks. They should ideally be run as a
normal user without any privileges, i.e. not root and not a package user.


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