upgrade of libc-2.3.3.so to libc-2.3.6.so problematic?

Shane Shields shane.shields at erkunttarim.com.tr
Mon Aug 28 04:54:16 PDT 2006

On Monday 28 August 2006 2:36 pm, lynx.abraxas at freenet.de wrote:
> Is there a way to figure out completly what was  installed  by  glibc  in 
> the first  place  to  backup  it?  I  didn't  use  package-users  then so
> it's not distinguishable from other packages.
> Well thanks again and if You don't hear from me again You know what
> happend...
> Lynx
Personally I would tar up all my bin and lib directories then do my upgrade. 
If it doesnt work then insert your rescue cd (you do have one dont you :) and 
untar them again.
Shane Shields

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