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Colin Kemp colin at greenballenterprises.net
Tue Aug 22 19:47:24 PDT 2006


When I built my LFS system, i got the GRUB error 18 message at stage  
1.5. i looked this up and saw something about my disk was beyond the  
scope of the BIOS or something (the meaning of error 18). First, can  
i have a clarification of my problem and second, a way to fix it? my  
disk has
- hda1 as my LFS system
- hda2 as a Windows partition
- hda3 as a swap
- hda4 as unused, ext3 formatted space

each partition is 60GB, excepting the swap which is about 16GB

Thank you

Colin Kemp
Manager of:
GreenBall Enterprises,
colin at greenballenterprises.net

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