LFS Version 6.2 - 8.4. Making the LFS System Bootable

Mag. Leonhard Landrock 1977-Hamlet at gmx.at
Sun Aug 20 06:05:27 PDT 2006

Am Sonntag, 20. August 2006 14:27 schrieb kriss:
> kriss a écrit :
> > leonhard
> > your root point to the partition #3 of the second disk
> > what is the number of the lfs partition ?
> > /dev/sdb3 ???
> i miss myself
> forget my stupid question please

No problem. :-)

> another : why chainloader +1 ?
> chainloader is for boot via an other bootloader no ?

Simple: The first think to boot is in fact (as mentioned in my original 
post ;-) ) "/dev/sda". There is my "normal" GRUB. So if I turn on my 
computer, the GRUB in the MBR of my scsi disk gets loaded.

Now I have to load my GRUB on the “boot sector" of the correct partion of my 
USB disk ("/dev/sdb3").

Note: I have a Debian Sarge on my USB disk with GRUB in the MBR (if i remember 
the installation correctly). Nevertheless, my LFS GRUB is installed in 
the "boot sector" of the third partition.

My GRUB on the USB hard disk gets loaded an presents me its boot menu. There 
starts now the booting of my LFS. :-)


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