Uninstalling software in Linux

Angel Tsankov fn42551 at fmi.uni-sofia.bg
Sat Aug 19 03:12:14 PDT 2006

>>>>> I've really found no other problems with it.  Install, uninstall, 
>>>>> monitor.  It all works quite well for me, but there was an 
>>>>> aggravating learning curve.  Additionally, like the hint promises, 
>>>>> I really know my system and now I understand Makefules.
>>>> Did you have to change makefiles too often? And was it makefiles or 
>>>> makefile.in's?
>>> Actually, I remember changing only one Makefile--and I should have 
>>> changed the makefile.in.  That was in 'hplip' for my printer. I don't 
>>> remember having to change any other package.  I have had to 'read and 
>>> research' makefiles to see if the whole "directory chain" of an 
>>> install needed to be converted to "install directories."
>> Hmm, that looks like a dawnting task. Have you not tried the package 
>> user wrappers - in a previous post on this thread Matthias Benkmann 
>> said: "Having to change Makefiles is a rare occurrence because the 
>> wrappers deal with almost everything automatically"?
> He is right.  I've had to change only one file and that may have been 
> because hplip is geared towards KDE and GNOME desktops and all the 
> "root" stuff.  Understanding the Makefile allows me to create "install" 
> directories where I need them.  It's really not that bad once you get 
> into it.
> I would recommend, however, that you use this management system "from 
> the ground up."  I tried shifting to it once after I had already started 
> an LFS build.  I just made problems for myself--at that time I really 
> didn't know what I was doing--as if I do now :-)
> If your considering this, I'd just jump in and do it.  The hint will get 
> you passed the first few packages and you learn about install 
> directories and other little things.
> Good luck!

Dan, thanks a lot for your opinion and recommendations!

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