First-time LFS book reader beeing stuck

Brandon Peirce brandon_peirce at
Fri Aug 18 03:13:59 PDT 2006

Richard Szlachta wrote:

>Actually, ls -l /mnt/data/tools says it is nor file nor directory. I must 
>misunderstood something in the book.

I think you did. Re-read  "4.2. Creating the $LFS/tools Directory" and the 
about /tools... in "5.2. Toolchain Technical Notes"

>I have placed tools on /tools, where / is filesys root of system (debian) i 
>currently running.
>So, if i 'mv /tools /mnt/data' will it be right thing to do?

Yes, and then create the symlink too:
  mv /tools /mnt/data
  ln -s /mnt/data/tools /

The idea behind this is that the new compiler, linker, etc (toolchain) that
you are installing in /mnt/data/tools is built in a way that it contains 
paths to /tools. You will find them installed in /tools after you chroot 
into /mnt/data.
However, you actually need to start using this new toolchain _before_ you
get to the chroot part.  There are two things needed to make this happen.
1) You have /tools/bin as the _first_ element of your PATH (see "4.4. 
Setting Up the Environment")
2) You have the symlink /tools -> /mnt/data/tools so that your host system 
find these files in /tools/* although they are actually in 

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